Owing to another 75% price hike (https://cpanel.net/up-next/pricing/) this year by cPanel, after a 600% increase almost a year ago, we have decided to move on to DirectAdmin. We absorbed the price hike without any changes so far to avoid hassling our clients. But the absurd hikes have made business with cPanel strenuous and there's no doubt about continuing hikes year on year. You may also choose to switch to our US cPanel location by contacting us.

The new DirectAdmin nodes run 2.5x faster on AMD Ryzen CPU. They are equipped with Litespeed, Softaculous and Cloudlinux and are feature rich just like cPanel.

The migration will be done on 31st Dec 2020, we request that you make no changes to your files on the day. We will send New account information emails after migration is complete. The old control panels will stay online till 3nd Jan. You may also choose to migrate to our new servers or existing USA cPanel location, before these dates by contacting us. There won't be any downtime as long as nameservers are changed.

We are grateful for your patronage and apologize for all the inconvenience being caused.

Changes required: Nameserver change to luxn1.ho-ost.com and luxn2.ho-ost.com after 1st Jan 03.00AM (EST)


Giovedì, Dicembre 10, 2020

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