Virtual-CH Scheduled Maintenance

DATE: 4/19/2018 START TIME: 14:00 Central Time (-5 UTC)END TIME: 18:00 Central Time (-5 UTC) This maintenance regards power in Chicago, IL. The data center team will perform a replacement of main static switch and UPS master controllers and upgrade firmware on UPS 3. There is no expected interruption to service. It is at the Clients discretion ... Read More »

17th Apr 2018
Ho-ost is no longer on Facebook

From 10th April 2018, Ho-ost will no longer have a registered page on Facebook and any pages that exist from then are fradulent. We recommend following us on Twitter @HoostSolutions

5th Apr 2018
Virtualizor Panels

Login to Virtualizor for Virtual-CH at
Login to Virtualizor for Virtual-NC at

30th Mar 2018
Updates - Mar 2018

Hello from Ho-ost! Here's what's happened in March 2018.

  • We have converted invoicing to now process and generate in £GBP, our local currency.
  • We have relaunched our Reseller Hosting and merged our prior reseller into one plan.
  • We have temporarily removed the CloudFlare Free addon.

25th Mar 2018
Updates - Jan 2018

Hello from Ho-ost! Here's what's happened in January 2018.

  • Added New Location: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Added Support for 17+ Linux Templates on Virtual-NC
  • Migrated Shared-US from New York to North Carolina

31st Jan 2018
Updates - Dec 2017

Hello from Ho-ost! Here's what's changed in December 2017.

  • We've changed our website template and website logo.
  • Our client area has moved to
  • Upgraded Virtual-NC from 100Mbps port to 1Gbps port.

31st Dec 2017
Updates - Nov 2017

Hello from Ho-ost! Here's what's happened in November 2017.

  • Migrated Virtual-NY to Asheville, North Carolina, US.
  • Added IPv6 Support to Virtual-NC (Formerly NY)

30th Nov 2017
Updates - Sep 2017

Hello from Ho-ost! Here's what's happened in September 2017.

  • New Shared Hosting Location! Shared-UK in Manchester, UK

30th Sep 2017

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